There is always something to see or do in Lake Benton and the surrounding area. There isn’t anything comparable to the Benton Valley for several hundred miles around. Each of the four seasons provides for an awesome sight. The variety of trees, grasses, and flowers that cover the hills and prairies are a delight to view, while providing needed habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The lake is known for excellent fishing and is also enjoyed by water sport enthusiasts. Hunters encounter an abundance of game and waterfowl. Mother Nature has indeed given us her best!

You won’t want to miss the special celebrations held throughout the year and you will also want to view one of the plays at our Historic Opera House.

Another "special stop" when visiting Lake Benton is the Lake Benton Historical Society museum. This facility offers a glimpse of the past through the museum displays and artifacts from the surrounding area. Souvenirs are also available for sale in the gift shop area.

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