Where The Wind Blows

People have harnessed the wind throughout history to convert wind energy into useable energy. Today, a new form of wind machine is appearing on the landscape as windy rural areas have a unique opportunity to benefit from a return to wind power. The Upper Midwest, like no other region of the country, is blessed with a wind resource capable of producing vast amounts of clean, cost-effective energy.

Wind development is being fueled by the declining costs of wind generated electricity, the increasing concern and restrictions on pollution from fossil fuels, the desire for the environmental benefits associated with a cleaner alternative, favorable state energy policies, and the economic development that wind energy can bring to the region. To achieve these goals, a diverse coalition of interested parties are joining efforts. Land owners, rural communities [such as Lake Benton!], conservationists, and policy makers are working to accelerate the development of wind energy. In doing to, we chart a cleaner, renewable energy path that fosters economic opportunities for the region.