Heritage Center
Heritage and Wind Power Learning Center of SW Minnesota

Heritage Museum and Wind Power Learning Center

Initial steps to organize a historical society in Lake Benton were taken in July of 1996. Shortly thereafter, in the spring of 1997, plans were underway to construct a Heritage Center which would include a visitors center, a museum, and a wind power learning center.

Funding for the project continued and in June of 2000 a ground breaking ceremony was held and the process of constructing the 54’ x 105’ building began. By the summer of 2001 the interior of the structure was completed and finishing touches on the exterior, complete with a Victorian-style front, were accomplished in September of 2001.

"The Wind Garden" exhibit was added to the building prior to the WindFest and plans are progressing for the establishment of additional wind-related items. This exhibit encourages visitors to learn how technology better enables man to successfully adapt to, and benefit from, his natural environment.

The history of Lake Benton will follow a timeline which offers a chronological history of the 14,000 years of natural and human history in the region from the age of glaciers to the present. The timeline travels around the perimeter of the room, beginning with glaciers to the left of the entry and will end with the display "A Vision for the Future" to the right of the hall entry.